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Warranty is valid only with dated proof of purchase in the form of the original invoice, for the original purchaser only. Warranties are non-transferable.

At the Lake Distributing Incorporated will at its sole discretion make the final warranty determination which may require inspection and/or photos of the product and its serial number which clearly show defect(s). In some cases, we may require the product be sent to another location of our choice.

At The Lake Distributing Incorporated is not responsible for the cost of shipping the repaired item or replacement item back to it’s owner. Shipping will be charged in full. Some exclusions apply.

If a product is deemed to be defective by At the Lake Distributing Incorporated and the manufacturer, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the defective product only. At the Lake Distributing Incorporated will not be responsible for any costs, losses, or damages incurred as a result of the loss of use of the product.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, or normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, punctures, dragging the product over the ground, damage due to excessive sun exposure or seam failure due to over inflation in the sun, damage caused by improper handling and storage, damage caused by use in waves or shore break, and damage caused by anything other than defects in materials and workmanship.

This warranty is voided if any unauthorized repair, change, or modification has been made to any part of the product. Authorization for such must come in writing from At the Lake Distributing Incorporated.

The warranty for any repaired or replacement equipment is good from the date of the original purchase only.

Any warranty claims must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt. The name of the retailer and date of purchase must be clear and legible.

There are no warranties which extend beyond the warranty specified here and At the Lake Distributing Incorporated does not authorize or endorse any extended warranty program.

You will be required to provide necessary information on this form for our team to review your warranty request and make an assessment. The information you will need to have ready is:

1) A dated proof of purchase in the form of the original invoice, for the original owner only.

2) A clear, high resolution photo that visibly shows the serial number

3) High resolution photos of the whole product that is in question

4) High resolution photo of the defective product that shows the issue

Acceptable Warranty Claims:

• General workmanship • Seam Failures • Material failure due to manufacturing defect


  • Normal wear and tear
  • Simple punctures or tears that can be repaired
  • Damage caused by knife cuts when opening products
  • Damage caused by dragging the product during installation (we have found many times small leaks on the bottom caused by this. The customers check all areas above the water and did not find the leaking source)
  • Damage caused by overloading the product with more than the recommended users
  • Damage to the metal structure due to overloading ( i.e. too many people on a trampoline)
  • Damage caused by overloading
  • External parts such as handles, footsteps and D rings that can be replaced or repaired. Many times this is caused by improper anchoring or too many users on the product. These are considered consumptive parts.
  • Excessive UV exposure without proper treatment and care (material breakdown, fading, fabric deterioration)
  • Damage due to over inflation caused by excessive UV heat and lack of pressure monitoring of products. (the customers need to monitor the pressure especially in high heat areas)
  • Vandalism or intended damage by users or other
  • Product failure due to force majeure or acts of god, storms, high wind
  • Improper maintenance and storage (rodent damage, freezing damage)
  • Animal damage – otters, grizzly bears, shrimp, birds, alligators, etc.
  • Damage caused by Marine growth
  • Damage caused by barnacles
  • Damage caused by chemicals or water quality
  • Damage caused by use in waves or improper anchoring

Warranty Form:

Please fill out the complete warranty form and submit. We will review your claim and get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Please only submit your claim ONCE. If you have any issues while submitting you claim, please contact us.


    Please upload CLEAR and HIGH RESOLUTION pictures of the defects, as well as the serial number of the product (often found around the valve).