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RAVE Turbo Chute

RAVE Turbo Chute

Use the Turbo Chute as a traditional style backyard water slide, or for skimming across the lake! The 6’ Starter Mat provides a cushion at the start and can also be used as an end section into the lake for added buoyancy.

Utilisez la glissade Turbo™ dans l’arrière-cour ou au lac.

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Backyard Package includes:

  • 2, 20’ sections (#02442)
  • 6’ Starter Mat (02444)
  • 10’ Catch Pool (02443
  • 4 T urbo Sleds (02446)

Lake Package includes:

  • 3, 20’ sections (#02442)
  • 6’ Starter Mat (02444)
  • 4 T urbo Sleds (02446)


NEW Turbo Chute Extreme Package • 02698
Now you can use the Turbo Chute for races down to the lake or optional catch pool at the bottom! The multiple lanes and 10 turbo chute sleds allow for many riders and extreme fun!

  • Specifications: L 20’ x W 8’3” x H 9”
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