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Infinity TS9 Standing Dock

Infinity TS9 Standing Dock

The Infinity TS9 is well known and enjoyed for its lightweight, low maintenance design. It’s a dock system that carries on the tradition of water’s edge enjoyment with its classic truss design.




Only available in Ontario and Quebec*


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The TS9 Infinity Standing Dock – We believe you when you say you want a dock that is lightweight and still super strong, which is why we know you’ll fall in love with our Infinity TS9 Standing Dock. When it comes to handling the pressure of your waterfront environment, the Infinity TS9 Standing Dock is no lightweight and can take one serious beating. The nature of its truss design gives it a competitive advantage over most dock systems. It’s strong, lightweight, looks good, and when the waves get big enough, they just pass right through the frame.


Frame sizes available:

  • 4’x8′ – 61 lbs
  • 4’x16′ – 102 lbs
  • 6’x8′ – 70 lbs
  • 6’x16′ – 120 lbs
  • 3′ Corner – 19 lbs


  • Quick Connection System
  • Easy Assembly
  • Trim Straps
  • Infinity Leg Pocket
  • Truss Design
  • Recessed Decking
  • Dock accessories available
  • Many leg sizes available
    • Available in 3’, 5’, 7’, 9’, 12’, and 20’ length legs
    • All leg pockets are 18”
    • Compatible with ShoreMaster foot pads (RS4, RS7, and TS9) or axle adapter and poly tires (RS7 and TS9)
  • Many decking options available
    • Traditional Wood grain aluminium
    • Gray Oak Wood grain aluminium
    • Vertex
    • Flow through
    • Painted aluminium
    • Plain aluminium
    • Cedar
    • Pressure Treated Sienna

  • ShoreMaster Infinity TS9 video


TS9 Infinity-SellSheet (pdf  1mb)

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  • The FTS9 is a smart choice because it can go anywhere a standing or wheel-in dock can, plus locations they cannot, like deep water or an extremely muddy and soft lake bottom. With the FTS9, you’ll never worry about adjusting your dock system to accommodate fluctuating water depth.

    Le FTS9 est un choix judicieux, car il peut aller n’importe où un quai sur pattes ou sur roues peut aller, ainsi que des endroits où ils ne peuvent pas, comme les eaux profondes ou un fond de lac extrêmement boueux et doux. Avec le FTS9, vous ne vous inquiétez jamais d’ajuster votre système de quai pour tenir compte de la profondeur d’eau fluctuante.

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    15 year warranty *


    Only available in Ontario and Quebec *