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Future Beach WaterBee Parts

Future Beach WaterBee Parts

We carry all of the replacement parts for Future Beach WaterBee boats, model 200, 202, 203, and 400.

Nous avons toutes les pièces pour les bateaux Future Beach, modèles 200, 202, 203, et 400!

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Buy parts online here!



Buy parts online here!


WB-1501-B-05: Backrest and Clip (also available in Grey) 


WB-1502-B-05: Backrest only (also available in Grey)


WB-1503-B-05: Clip only (also available in Grey)


WB-0007-X-03 Drain Plug 1/4″ NPT (WB200/203)


WB-1107-X-03 Drain Plug 3/4″ NPT w/ O Ring Gasket (202/400)


WB-5000-X-06 D-Rings and Screws Service Kit


WB-5201-x-04 Large Rudder and Bolt Service Kit


WB-1202-x-10 Paddle Blade Set (Includes 5 blades) (EQ200 Series)


WB-1201-x-03 Paddle Blade Set (Includes 5 blades) (WaterBee series)


WB-1106-x-03 Paddle Wheel Hub 


WB-5001-x-06 Pedal Pad Service Kit (Includes 2 complete pedals and hardware)


WB-5103-x-03 Crankshaft Bushing Assembly


WB-5106-x-13 PTFE Friction Washer (set of 2) + Crankshaft service kit (18″ rod and 2 lock nuts)


WB-5100-x-04 Crankshaft Service Kit – Includes pedals and drive adaptor


WB-1103-x-05 Drive Adaptor of Crankshaft


WB-5202-x-10 Rudder Assembly with Handle (EQ200 series)


WB-5203-x-10 Rudder Nylon Bushing with nut (set of 2) EQ200 series


WB-5200-x-06 Small Rudder and Bolt Service Kit


WB-1410-x-04 Tiller Large Rudder (WB 203)


WB-1420-x-04 Tiller Large Rudder (WB400)


WB-1400-x-03 Tiller Small Rudder (WB 200/202)



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