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ShorePort Connectors

ShorePort Connectors

Connectors and anchoring – we have what you need to ensure your ShorePort stays in place. Connect to a fixed, or floating, or a stand alone dock. Connect two or more ShorePorts together, or attach individually, you can trust our connection systems.

Connectez-vous à un quai fixe ou flottant. Connecter deux ou plusieurs ShorePorts ensemble, ou joindre individuellement, vous pouvez faire confiance à nos systèmes de connexion.

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Stand Off Plate

Used to attach a ShorePort to a standing dock. Comes as a pair.

* You will also need a large poly pipe bracket to anchor this.

Flexi Hinge

Used to attach front of ShorePort to a floating dock. Comes as a pair.

Parallel Mount Flexi Hinge

Used to attach side of ShorePort to a floating dock.

Side Front Connector

ShorePort to ShorePort bow only. 21″. *Used with Side Rear Connector to connect two ShorePorts parallel to each other.

Side Rear Connector

ShorePort to ShorePort stern only. 12″.


Poly Pipe Bracket Complete Large

Light Duty Poly Pipe Bracket (bow end only)

ShorePort Rear Pipe Bracket

*customer has to supply their own piping. Used with 2” schedule 40 galvanised pipe. 


Supplemental Float

ShorePort supplemental float – adds 50 lbs of flotation each.

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