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Standing Docks

Standing and Wheel-in Dock Systems

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  • Versatile Design. Endless Configurations.

    Thousands of waterfront property owners just like you have chosen the Infinity RS4 sectional dock for its lightweight, yet solid, all-aluminum welded construction and QuickConnect™ accessory system.

    Des milliers de propriétaires comme vous ont choisi le quai sectionnel Infinity RS4 pour sa construction légère, mais solide, entièrement soudée en aluminium et son système d’accessoires QuickConnect ™.

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    The Infinity TS9 is well known and enjoyed for its lightweight, low maintenance design. It’s a dock system that carries on the tradition of water’s edge enjoyment with its classic truss design.

    L’Infinity TS9 est bien connu et apprécié pour sa conception légère, nécessitant peu d’entretien. C’est un système de quai qui perpétue la tradition du plaisir du bord de l’eau avec son design en treillis classique.


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  • The 9″ truss sides provide a lightweight dock system that looks great while maintaining both strength and durability. The lightweight truss design provides for effortless assembly, installation, and removal without sacrificing the overall stability of the dock during use.

    Les côtés en treillis de 9 po offrent un système de quai léger qui a une allure parfaite et durable. La conception légère de treillis permet un assemblage, une installation et un démontage sans effort, sans sacrifier la stabilité complète du quai durant son utilisation.

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  • At The Lake Distributing is excited to be the official distributor for The Lighthouse Docks in Ontario. The Lighthouse Docks creates and manufactures standing and wheel-in docks, as well as floating and semi-floating docks. These docks can be used for residential and commercial settings. 

    All docks are made of an aluminum structure. The structure is durable with a waved rail siding to provide more strength and avoid long scratches. Lightweight and easy installation.

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Showing all 4 results

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