Fixed Docks Versus Floating Docks: Which is Better?

Fixed docks, floating docks, or no dock? What exactly are your boat dock options, and how do you decide which type of dock is best for your needs?

Well, right away, we can eliminate no dock! If you’re reading this article, then you are likely a boat owner who needs a boat dock. Not only do docks store your boat and keep it safe, but they also provide a great way to enjoy the water — from fishing off the dock to watching the sunset from your lakeside bench.    

ShoreMaster TS9 Wheel-In Dock

Fixed docks are the conventional dock structure used across waterfronts. Their solid dock structure helps keep your boat in place. If you purchase a property that already has a fixed dock, it’s likely that you have maintenance dock plans to keep up with and the dock will remain a focal point of your waterfront property. However, if you don’t have a property with a dock already in place, many fixed docks allow for easy installation, disassembly, and movement. At ShoreMaster, our aluminum fixed dock (Infinity TS9 and RS4 model) systems make this possible with welded aluminum frames and QuickConnect section attachments.

Our sectional standing docks will destroy the notion that fixed docks are cumbersome, immovable objects. ShoreMaster fixed docks even allow for easy height adjustments: with our 18” leg pockets, you can move the height of your dock up or down based on fluctuating water levels. It’s important to note that when installing a fixed dock, you need to be aware of local ordinances. You may have to file for a permit in order to place your dock in the below sediment, which can be a time-consuming process.  

Depending on your dock plans and needs, a floating dock may be more beneficial. Floating docks can be placed in both shallow and deep water, as well as on shore fronts that have fluctuating water levels based on tides. Floating docks give owners the freedom to design their dock in many different configurations — allowing your inner dock artist to come out! They’re user-friendly and can be adjusted and added to quickly and easily. If you have floating dock plans in mind, you’ll be happy to hear that permitting is a simpler process because they don’t impact the sediment.   

PolyDock Floating System

At ShoreMaster, our floating dock systems (FTS9 and PolyDock) are the leading docks of their kind based on industry standards. We stand by our floating docks and ensure that they are able to withstand varying elements based on the Hunt Absorption Test. In periods of stormy weather, for example, floating docks require less maintenance compared to fixed docks. In fact, fixed docks may be damaged and need replacement parts or may even become submerged due to changing water levels, which leads to electrical malfunctions. Most of those costing repair scenarios can be avoided with floating docks. Our floating dock systems can easily be moved prior to storms or the winter season, providing you with peace of mind and less boat dock stress.

Whether you have fixed or floating dock plans, we have dock systems that will work for you. Please contact us for a quote, or to locate a ShoreMaster dealer near you.

Why choose ShoreMaster Docks and Boat Lifts?

Why should you buy a ShoreMaster dock or boat lift? Let us tell you!

ShoreMaster 5-Sided Dock Leg

ShoreMaster docks are the only docks that come with the extra stability of Infinity Leg Pockets with 5-Sided Leg Posts. The great thing about 5-sided leg posts are how they create 3 points of contact for even more stability compared to a normal dock leg from competitors. The leg posts also come with a T-handle adjustment system, which means no tools are needed to make height adjustments. The 5-sided dock legs and pockets can be used on all ShoreMaster Infinity Docks (RS4, RS7, and TS9).

ShoreMaster docks and boat lifts offer a 15 year warranty on their aluminum frames. ShoreMaster knows that their products are made to last the test of time out on the water. All frames are made of robotically welded aluminum for superior precision and strength. You are truly paying for quality when you purchase ShoreMaster products.

ShoreMaster were also the first manufacturers of welded aluminum vertical boat lifts. They are expertly designed with a Double V-Side and corner bracing. Their lifts are easy-to-use and dependable. They can be configured to fit any style of boat, which means less time for you to worry about getting the lift fitted correctly, and more time out on the water with your boat.

QuickConnect bracket

ShoreMaster docks also come with the QuickConnect system, which is the easiest way to customize your dock. The QuickConnect system works with a T-Handle installation, which means no tools are required to install and move your dock accessories. Simply loosen the QuickConnect plate from the side of your dock and slide your accessory to a different place on your dock. No drilling, no holes! Reconfigure and upgrade as your needs change for your dock.

ShoreMaster Infinity docks come with endless configuration options. Design your dock to fit your waterfront needs and dreams. Whether it be standing or floating, straight or curved, trust ShoreMaster to bring your ideas to life.

ShoreMaster TS9 with Wheel Kit

ShoreMaster Floating FTS9

ShoreMaster PWC Lift

ShoreMaster RS4 Dock

Cottage/Cabin Gift Ideas 2017

We all wish we could gift a great big water trampoline to our cottage friends, but they don’t fit under the tree! So here are some cool ideas for the cottage/cabin lovers in your family!

1. Cottage/Cabin Sign

Either the cottage/cabin has been in the family for generations, or a brand new purchase, a sign to let people know “Welcome to ___’s Cottage!” is a great personalized gift idea.

Related image

2. A weather station

Sometimes the weather at the lake is much different than the weather forecast! You can get affordable weather stations for the cottage/cabin to let you know what kind of weather is coming your way!

3. A dinner bell

For those who regularly entertain their friends and family at the cabin or cottage, a dinner bell is perfect to calling everyone in from the lake when it’s time to eat!

4. The ZUP board

For the cottagers that love water sports, the ZUP board is a perfect gift. This 3-in-1 board is great for beginner to intermediate riders, so the whole family can have a try! Sit, kneel, or stand!

5. Binoculars

Binoculars are important for the cottage and cabin for safety reasons, but also for hobbyist that like to observe wildlife. A great gift idea for your cottage or cabin owners!

Image result for binoculars canada

6. Outerwear dryer

When you live at the cottage, you will most likely be walking through a lot more snow than in the city! Get your cabin owners a fancy boots and glove dryer so they’re gear is nice and cozy for the next day!

DryGuy Force Dry DX - Boot & Glove Dryer

Do you have some cottage/cabin gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!