New 2020 Products Overview

Happy New Year! At The Lake Distributing is excited to be starting another season with our amazing customers and suppliers. In this blog post, we put together all of our new 2020 products in our line up.


New challenge track items – the I-Beam 20 and I-Hop 20. Add an extra challenge to your water park with these new obstacles!

Some of the popular items also got a makeover, including the Jungle Jim, Kaos, and Cyclone Wheel.

RAVE Sports

We’ve expanded our RAVE Sports lineup by including the Bongo Bouncers and Aqua Jump Eclipse, as well as their attachments. We also added the 7′ Iceberg, a smaller version of the popular 14′.

7′ Icerberg

BlueNorth Kayaks

ATL Distributing is excited to present our first in-house created brand, BlueNorth. The BlueNorth kayaks were chosen for their rugged construction and simplistic look, which is perfect for rentals and commercial use.

We offer three different models in the BlueNorth line up: The NERO single sit-on-top, the ROAMER 2+1 sit-on-top and the TORRENT single sit-inside.

HydroPort PWC Drive on Floating Platforms

During the 2019 season, ShoreMaster and HydroHoist joined forces to cover more selling ground with their premium docking products. We are excited to introduce the HydroPort series by HydroHoist in our lineup.

With ultra-tough polyethylene construction, foam-filled structure, and high-performance rollers, these ports are made to accommodate many different jet ski models!

Check out the HP Pro model and the HP Extreme model!

HP Extreme

The Lighthouse Docks and Boat Lifts

The Lighthouse Docks provides floating and semi-floating aluminum docks, docks on legs and wheels, gangway and platforms, and a wide range of boat, pontoon, rowboat and PWC lifts. They are also made in Canada! We are excited to be the official distributors for this line exclusively in Ontario.

Find out more about the Lighthouse dock models and lift models.

The Lighthouse Docks

Aqua-Tek Cleaning and Protection Solutions

The Aqua-Tek products received a make over! These cleaning and protection solutions are the best products to purchase alongside your new commercial inflatables!

Learn more about the Aqua-Tek Vinyl Scrub, Vinyl Guard, Impervium Subaqua and Slide Slicker. Each solution is offered in 1L or 4L bottles.

Aqua-Tek Vinyl Scrub

TRiB Digital airCap HR

airCap is a precise digital pressure gauge for your commercial inflatables. It is solar-powered and battery-free, which gives it an exceptionally long life as there is nothing to wear out. airCap HR features a settable beeper/alarm to warn the user for over-inflation due to temperature, perfect for water park owners! Learn more about it here.

TRiB airCap HR

Interested in learning more about these products, or getting a quote? Contact us or find a dealer near you!

Dock Trends for 2020

Making Your Dock a Deck

More waterfront property owners are using their docks as an outdoor entertainment space, and why wouldn’t you? Even when it’s too cold to take a boat out, your dock is a familiar, beautiful, and semi-private area for entertaining. You don’t need to clean up your house, which is always a plus. All it takes to create the perfect waterfront entertaining space is the right accessories. ShoreMaster has options like a dockside fire table for s’more-making and intimate conversations late into the night, and a selection of benches and other dockside furniture that can fit any budget or aesthetic. Finish your dock off with solar-powered lights for enjoying the outdoors long into the night, and you have the makings of a great outdoor entertaining space.

Larger Lifts for Larger Crafts

For a lot of watercraft owners, bigger is better. Jet skis and boats are gradually becoming bigger, and boat lifts have needed to become bigger and stronger to compensate for the changes. Even watercraft that are traditionally quite large, like pontoons, are becoming even larger, with some luxury models coming in at around 30 feet. The extra length, width, and weight of a larger craft needs more support than a standard lift can provide, and larger lifts are becoming more popular.

When investing in a boat lift, make sure that you choose one that’s designed for your watercraft. Be especially careful about the weight: your 4,000 pound craft might fit on a 4,000 pound lift, but that lift capacity doesn’t account for everything and everyone you bring aboard. An aluminum frame on a boat lift will resist corrosion and wear while being strong enough to lift your craft and lightweight enough for easy installation. ShoreMaster has a variety of pontoon and PWC lifts in different lengths, widths, and weight capacities for whatever craft you own or are looking to buy.

Customizable Module Systems

Shoreline property owners want their aluminum boat docks to reflect who they are and what they do on the water. Fully customizable layouts, a variety of accessories, and ease in installation and removal are all features that discerning customers want out of their boat docks.

ShoreMaster’s Infinity waterfront system gives aluminum boat dock owners maximum configurability and customization options thanks to its rail side system. Dock sections can be easily linked together in the perfect orientation, and all ShoreMaster accessories and furniture can attach and move anywhere along the perimeter of the dock without needing a lot of tools.

Stay Ahead of Trends with ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster has been in the business of high-quality boat docks and accessories for decades, but are constantly looking for new ways to make your waterfront stand out. They have the widest selection of accessories and equipment in the industry and are consistently engineering new innovations as the industry evolves. Whatever you do on the water, and however you do it, ShoreMaster can help you customize your dock to truly fit your needs. To start making your 2020 dock plans, contact At The Lake Distributing or find a ShoreMaster dealer in your area.

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