Cottage/Cabin Gift Ideas 2017

We all wish we could gift a great big water trampoline to our cottage friends, but they don’t fit under the tree! So here are some cool ideas for the cottage/cabin lovers in your family!

1. Cottage/Cabin Sign

Either the cottage/cabin has been in the family for generations, or a brand new purchase, a sign to let people know “Welcome to ___’s Cottage!” is a great personalized gift idea.

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2. A weather station

Sometimes the weather at the lake is much different than the weather forecast! You can get affordable weather stations for the cottage/cabin to let you know what kind of weather is coming your way!

3. A dinner bell

For those who regularly entertain their friends and family at the cabin or cottage, a dinner bell is perfect to calling everyone in from the lake when it’s time to eat!

4. The ZUP board

For the cottagers that love water sports, the ZUP board is a perfect gift. This 3-in-1 board is great for beginner to intermediate riders, so the whole family can have a try! Sit, kneel, or stand!

5. Binoculars

Binoculars are important for the cottage and cabin for safety reasons, but also for hobbyist that like to observe wildlife. A great gift idea for your cottage or cabin owners!

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6. Outerwear dryer

When you live at the cottage, you will most likely be walking through a lot more snow than in the city! Get your cabin owners a fancy boots and glove dryer so they’re gear is nice and cozy for the next day!

DryGuy Force Dry DX - Boot & Glove Dryer

Do you have some cottage/cabin gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!